Kaole ruins

The Kaole ruins are the remains of a Shirazi trading town. They date back to the thirteenth century. The ruins are of two mosques and several tombs. The buildings were constructed using coral stones.

Germany cemetry

Bagamoyo was the capital of German East Africa in the late ninetienth century. The German cemetery overlooks the beach and the Indian Ocean. There are about 20 graves, mostly of German soldiers.

Germany hanging place

The German Hanging Place is the site where the German colonial government hanged Africans who rebelled against the German colonial government in the late nineteenth century.



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Some 75 kilometres to the north of Dar es Salaam lies Bagamoyo, once the embarkation port for slaves from the hinterland, and later the first German colonial capital. It is a place of considerable significance to world history, both as an entry point for Arab and European missionaries, explorers, and traders in East and Central Africa, and in the history of the infamous slave trade. Fortunately Bagamoyo is now being considered for inclusion into one of the World Heritage sites, to conserve and protect the fascinating Gothic and Afro-Arabic architecture in this coastal settlement steeped in history.

Tourist attractions include the Kaole ruins dating back to the 12th century thought to mark one of the earliest contacts of Islam with Africa; the Old Fort built in 1860 for holding slaves for shipment to Zanzibar; the first Roman Catholic Church in East Africa built around 1868 used as a base to run a camp of about 650 freed slaves; the German colonial administration headquarters, the Boma, in the first capital of German East Africa; the Mission Museum displaying history of Bagamoyo; and the Livingstone Memorial Church among others. 

The beach that stretches to either side of Bagamoyo, is everyone’s idea of a tropical paradise, with white sand considered some of the finest on the whole of the East African coast.

Bagamoyo Art College has free shows of traditional music, dancing and mime on weekends.
Located on the Bagamoyo-Pangani road, the Saadani Game reserves is one of the least visited in Tanzania. It is the only east African coastal reserve to harbor large mammals and is also the only place where the elephants can still being seen bathing from Indian Ocean.

There are many hotels in Bagamoyo, with varying amenities and costs to fit every budget. There is a tented camp at Saadani



Gombe National Park

Mahale National Park

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