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Central Serengeti

The Seronera River provides the only permanent water in this area. Wildlife therefore congregate in the valley with many resident species. It is particularly scenic with open plains, acacia woodlands and river with many hippo pools.

Serengeti Western Corridor

Close to the shores of Lake Victoria, this lovely area is home to many resident wildlife species. The meandering Grumeti River is home to huge crocodiles and is a formidable barrier to the migrating wildebeest as they attempt a crossing.

Serengeti South

The great migrating herds of wildebeest and zebra congregate on the southern plains December through March. This is classic ‘endless plains’ Serengeti and a fascinating ecosystem. Countless wildebeest drop their calves here in February.

Grumeti Reserves

This exclusive private game reserve is home to many resident species. The scenic and varied habitat together with low visitor numbers makes this area particularly special. Balloon safaris here are on a private charter basis.


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Launching at dawn and rising as the sun rises, you'll gently float over the plains of the magnificent Serengeti. We can help you book a balloon flight over world-famous Serengeti National Park to witness the Great Migration from above. Combining the romantic thrill of incredible views with the safety and skill of certified pilots, this is one of our most popular services. Cross this off your bucket-list today.

Each day is different: some of the flight may be low so you can zoom in on the wildlife below; and at other times your balloon may climb to 1000 feet or more! No two flights are ever the same! This guarantees a stunning and unique adventure time after time. While impossible to guarantee which animal you will see on a given ride, you’re sure to get an incredible view of the herds from above. All pilots are trained guides and will point out animals, birds and landmarks as you float over the savannah.

After landing, you celebrate in the traditional way with a champagne toast (well, an excellent sparkling wine) before heading off to a special ‘Out of Africa’ breakfast. Breakfast is prepared in the bush and served under the shade of Tanzania’s iconic acacia trees. Fine linen, bone china, Sheffield cutlery and freshly prepared fare in the company of your fellow passengers makes a memorable finale to your adventure.


Maximum in a balloon: 16 adults

This adventure will fit in with all safari itineraries that include a night in central, western or norhtern Serengeti as well as all hotels inside the Tarangire national park.

RESTRICTIONS: children under the age of 7 are not allowed on the balloons.



Gombe National Park

Mahale National Park

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