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African Paraiso Tours and Safaris offers a wide range of safari and game lodges and tented campsite accommodations for most of our northern circuit safaris. We offer a wide scope of choices- from pure luxury to safari budget options.

  • Luxury and semi luxury game lodges: The luxury and semi-luxury safari lodges are designed to make you feel like royalty. Rooms are beautifully decorated, furnished with spacious beds and private baths (and often wifi and TVs). Most suits feature magnificent views over the game parks. These game lodges belong to the Sopa or Serena lodge groups, the latter being more expensive and considered ultimate standard in safari luxury. Pools, bars, giftshops and gourmet meal buffets are standard hotel facilities at this level of accommodation. Spa and massage offerings may vary depending on location.
  • Standard game lodges: The standard game lodges resemble American 3-star hotel accommodations. Some lodges feature swimming pools and bars; all meals are served in on-site restaurants. All rooms offer en-suite bathrooms and air-conditioning. Wifi may vary. This is generally the best level of accommodations for families on a budget.
  • Permanent tented camps: The permanent camps are similar if not superior in quality when compared to standard lodges. Instead of a room, you have a private tent. All tents offer private en-suite bathroom facilities with hot showers and are finished with beds. All the tented camps feature high quality restaurants, bars and some even have swimming pools. Not all national parks have tented camps available. Should you choose this option for a safari and a tented camp is not available in a specific national park, we will notify you and book standard lodge accommodation (your safari charged accordingly).
  • Adventure camping: Do you want to feel like an explorer? Chose an option that brings you closest to nature. All our adventure camping safaris use public campsites which all offer basic facilities including communal toilets, washing areas, hot showers and usually even a bar! At campsites all meals are served outside (in case of rain, a shelter or mess tent is provided.) Standard tents are used unless otherwise requested. All our adventure a camping safaris are accompanied by a driver / guide and a private cook.



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